Perfection is a Flaw

Our lives will never be idyllic. They are not meant to be.

A very debated facet of our blemished lives is beauty.

All of us desire beauty,

But do we really desire beauty?

Or do we merely desire a facade?

A facade that would make us acceptable in the world,

That would make our existence unobjectionable.

Because that’s all we strive for, being accepted.

But what if I tell you there’s more to life than just being accepted.

What if I tell you to not strive to be accepted

Rather strive to be you.

To be, ourselves.

To be, humans.

Blemished, broken, flawed humans.

Because blemishes, flaws and imperfections are what make us human.

Because beauty my friends, lies in imperfections.

Imperfections that make us stand out,

That prevent us from being accepted.

The world might call imperfections unacceptable, but remember that they’re not.

Remember that you are beautiful because you are flawed

And because you are not flawless.

Embrace yourself, love yourself and so will others.

And so will the world.

Because our lives will never be idyllic.

They are not meant to be.